Frequently Asked Questions

1. What is a VIN?

A VIN, Vehicle Identification Number is a unique 17 character number allocated to every vehicle distributed in Australia since 1989. The VIN is usually stamped into the vehicle structure (often the firewall) during manufacture, or stamped on a metal plate and fixed onto the vehicle's body. Click here to read more about VIN's.


2. Do I have to use a VIN to do a PPSR Vehicle Search?

You can purchase a PPSR Vehicle Search using a VIN, Chassis Number or a Manufacturer Number.


3. Do I have to use a VIN to do a Car History Report?

You can only purchase a Car History Report using a VIN number. Registration numbers can change during the life of a vehicle, however a VIN remains unique. Click here to learn more about VIN's.


4. Why doesn't my car have a VIN?

If your car does not have a VIN it may be that was manufactured or imported prior to 1989. You can still do a PPSR Vehicle Check on a vehicle that doesn't have a VIN. See Question 2 for more information.


5. Can I do a vehicle check on a Boat?

Yes, you can do a PPSR Vehicle Check on a boat, using the Hull Identification Number, or HIN. However, Car History reports are only available for motor vehicles with a valid VIN.


6. Does a PPSR Vehicle Search or Car History Report provide all information about a vehicle?

No. There is some information that is not available such as;

  • Mechanical history or roadworthiness
  • Who the legal owner is
  • Details of the vehicle's history prior to import into Australia

Click here for more information regarding what is included in a PPSR Vehicle Check or a Car History Report.


7. How long is a PPSR Vehicle Search or Car History Report valid for?

A PPSR Vehicle Search or Car History Report is a point in time report, meaning that it is valid only at the time you obtain it.


8. Will a PPSR Vehicle Search or Car History Report show if the Vehicle's Speedo has been tampered with?

No. A PPSR Vehicle Search or Car History Report will only display the known odometer readings made available by Government and other national databases. This does not guarantee against odometer fraud.


9. Does a PPSR Vehicle Search or Car History Report include details of Previous Owners?

No, a PPSR Vehicle Search or Car History Report does not provide details of Previous Owners.


10. Does a PPSR Vehicle Search or Car History Report include details of the vehicle's service history?

No, this information is not available.


11. How accurate is the information?

The information supplied in a PPSR Vehicle Search or Car History Report is extracted from information provided by industry or individuals and is considered to be of a high standard however it is only as accurate and up to date as what has been entered into the government and other national databases. Dealer Solutions do not guarantee the accuracy of any information supplied. For terms and conditions click here.


12. Is dealing online safe?

We take the privacy of your information and credit card security very seriously, which is why we strive to protect your personal information during its transmission. Customer information provided through this site is held in a secure environment behind firewalls. uses industry standard SSL (128bit encrypted) for secure commerce transactions. We encrypt all of your personal information, so that it cannot be read as the information travels over the Internet.


13. Why do I need to register?

Registering as a user before purchasing a PPSR Vehicle Search or Car History Report is a very important step. We may need to contact you about your payment or provide you with ongoing service.

You may also wish to return to in the future to reprint your purchase or obtain one for a different vehicle when you eventually trade, sell or buy another.


14. Do I have to order a PPSR Vehicle Search or Car History Report online?

No. If you prefer not to process your purchase online, you can fill in this form and we will contact you to process your chosen vehicle check over the phone.


15. What is Check It Out?

Check It Out provides a Web Site for the Australian public to purchase a PPSR Vehicle Search or Car History Report. Check It Out is a wholly owned business of Dealer Solutions Pty Ltd, an Australian Owned and operated company.


16. Who can I contact if I have any problems?

For further information about this Web Site you can contact Dealer Solutions by emailing us at


17. My transaction failed, how can I get a refund?

If your transaction has failed, a link will appear on the Purchase History page, above your purchase history. It will state your account balance, and have an "issue refund" link. Select this link and you will be directed to another page asking you to confirm that you definitely want to process a refund. Select the "Yes - Process Refund" link. From here, a refund will be processed immediately to your bank. The funds are subject to your bank's normal processing times, before appearing in your account. If you are unable to process your refund this way, you can contact us on 1300 661 133.


18. Why is there information missing from my report?

The physical vehicle details, including make, model, engine number, colour, fuel type, registration status, odometer reading and registration expiry date will only be returned and displayed on the Certificate if they have been recorded and are available. In addition, Car History’s database is comprised of many different data sources which combine to present a comprehensive vehicle history. However, we are reliant on the availability of this data from third party supplier data sources and there will be occasions where vehicle data is not available from those sources.


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