Give Buyers Confidence!

Checking out a used car before purchase is usually done by taking a test drive and arranging a mechanical inspection, but how do buyers check what a seller tells them about the cars history?

Now you can give buyers confidence in what you say by providing them with a PPSR Vehicle Search or Car History Report.

Make your Vehicle stand out from the rest by displaying a PPSR Vehicle Search or Car History Report with the vehicle and give buyer's confidence that it is what you say it is.

Buy a PPSR Vehicle Search or Car History Report today and for a little extra, we can post your report to you in full colour and include a plastic display sleeve for you to present the vehicle's information to prospective buyers.

(Click here to see what is included in a PPSR Vehicle Check or CarHistory Report)

Info for sellers. Your certificate will come in a protective sleeve which can be easily displayed in your car window.
PPSR Vehicle Search CarHistory Report

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