What is a PPSR Vehicle Check?

For peace of mind when you buy your next car, make sure you check for any unexpected issues with a PPSR Vehicle Check.

A PPSR Vehicle check provides you with information sourced from the national Personal Property Security Register (PPSR), which replaced the previous Register of Encumbered Vehicles (REVs) in January 2012, due to the introduction of the Personal Property Securities Act.

This register (via a PPSR Vehicle Check) provides information about individuals and organisations which have a financial interest in a vehicle. This information is critical when purchasing a vehicle as it lets you know if you're able to achieve clear title. Without clear title, the vehicle could be repossessed by another individual or organisation.

In addition to ensuring that you can get clear title on your new vehicle, a PPSR Vehicle Check will also check for a "written off" or "stolen" status on the vehicle within the National Exchange of Vehicle and Driver Information System (NEVDIS).

By performing a PPSR Vehicle Check you'll have all the information you need to buy your next car with confidence.

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